4th Class 

Ms. Brady, Ms Mooney & Ms O Callaghan

Project Ideas

Hi everyone,

Some of you were asking for more ideas for projects. We are going to post some ideas and resources to help you here. Some of these topics we were planning on learning about in school so they are a good head start for you.

Just a reminder that there is no need to do all this work and it's just a few ideas in case you would like to!

If you complete a project please send a picture to cmsscreative@gmail.com.

The Water Cycle

You could make a really colourful poster from this topic.



Rivers and Seas






The Greeks





http://www.primaryresources.co.uk/science/science3a.htm#grouping  you can click on any of these documents.


The Human Body




Hope you enjoy boys and girls, and even if you don't want to make a project, you could just have a listen to some of the videos.

Ms O'C, Ms M and Ms B


Here we are taking part in the NCI Quiz competition for schools in the North East Inner City!

Larkin Community College

We are lucky to be working with Transition Years in Larkin Community College.  They are leading a variety of activities with us like football, basketball, drama and dance. It's loads of fun!

Hugh Lane Gallery

We love VTS (Visual Thinking Strategies) in our school. We look at artworks and photography and think critically about them. We share our opinions about them in front of the class. We are lucky to be so close to the Hugh Lane gallery where we recently analysed some artwork.

Creative Schools

Our school is loving participating in 

the Creative Schools Initiative.

Here we are brainstorming ideas of 

how we can make our school a more

creative place.


Hector's mam is a geologist and very kindly came in to teach us lots about rocks and gemstones. We got to pass around a number of interesting rocks and learnt lots. Thanks so much!

Credit Union Quiz

Our school recently took part in the local credit union quiz. We had three representatives from 4th class. They came 2nd place in their category!

We are so proud of you all! Well done to our super quiz team!


We have been learning all about weight in Maths. Check out some of hands-on activities that Ms. Hutchinson has been doing with us.

Chinese New Year Art

Happy Chinese New Year from 4th Class!

Check out some of the art we have been doing in class to celebrate.


We are having great fun developing our catching, throwing and kicking skills each week in GAA!

Coding with Minecraft

We were lucky enough to have Ms Ní Laoire from St Patrick's College visit our class and teach us all about computers and coding. We coded a Minecraft game ourselves!