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 4th Class 

Ms. Brady, Ms Mooney & Ms O Callaghan

Original song by Maria

Our own Pro-Cathedral choir superstar and general musical genius Maria has composed and performed her own song while staying safe at home! Here she is singing and playing her catchy tune on the ukulele. 

Warning: it will get stuck in your head for a very long time!!

Click on the link:

Learn Origami with Hector

Hector would like to teach all the boys and girls in 4th Class how to make an origami aeroplane. He has been learning all about origami and practicing his skills over the past few weeks. If you give his lesson a go and make one yourself, be sure to send us your creation on Seesaw or

Here is a link to Hector's lesson:



Recreating Artworks

We set 4th Class a creative challenge- to recreate famous artworks at home using whatever materials they liked. These could be paper, food, recyclables, clothes, anything and everything. We got some wonderful responses and the most popular works that children found inspiration in were ones by Dali, Banksy and Munch. Take a look! If you have any more responses and you'd like them to be added to this gallery, let us know on Seesaw.

Our Pen-pals

Before the schools closed, Ms Mooney was talking to her friend who lives in England. Her little boy is in the equivalent of Junior Infants. We wrote postcards to his class telling them a little about our school and Dublin. 

When Ms Mooney went into school to organise books recently, she was delighted to see that they had written back to us! They sent us a lovely card in the post with a little drawing of rainy Tunbridge Wells, where they are from. 

PHOTO-2020-05-20-16-52-39 (1).jpg
PHOTO-2020-05-20-16-52-39 (2).jpg

Letter from Taoiseach Leo Varadkar

Bassim wrote to An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar recently to thank him and his team for all their hard work in keeping us safe during the Coronavirus pandemic. He was also grateful to all our wonderful healthcare staff. 

Bassim was delighted to see that Mr Varadkar wrote back to him and wanted to share his letter with our school.

Well done Bassim, saying 'Thank You' is a very kind thing to do.

Bassim Leo Varadkar.jpg

Project Ideas

Hi everyone,

Some of you were asking for more ideas for projects. We are going to post some ideas and resources to help you here. Some of these topics we were planning on learning about in school so they are a good head start for you.

Just a reminder that there is no need to do all this work and it's just a few ideas in case you would like to!

If you complete a project please send a picture to

The Water Cycle

You could make a really colourful poster from this topic.

Rivers and Seas

The Greeks



Materials  you can click on any of these documents.


The Human Body

Hope you enjoy boys and girls, and even if you don't want to make a project, you could just have a listen to some of the videos.

Ms O'C, Ms M and Ms B


Here we are taking part in the NCI Quiz competition for schools in the North East Inner City!

Larkin Community College

We are lucky to be working with Transition Years in Larkin Community College.  They are leading a variety of activities with us like football, basketball, drama and dance. It's loads of fun!

Hugh Lane Gallery

We love VTS (Visual Thinking Strategies) in our school. We look at artworks and photography and think critically about them. We share our opinions about them in front of the class. We are lucky to be so close to the Hugh Lane gallery where we recently analysed some artwork.

Creative Schools

Our school is loving participating in 

the Creative Schools Initiative.

Here we are brainstorming ideas of 

how we can make our school a more

creative place.