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About Central Model

Mission Statement.

Central Model Senior School is an inclusive school community with a Catholic tradition, under the patronage of the Minister for Education.


We aim to provide a happy, secure learning environment where children, parents/guardians, teachers, ancillary staff and Board of Management work in partnership, where each individual is valued, encouraged and respected for their uniqueness and facilitated to reach their full potential in a positive atmosphere.


We seek to foster an appreciation and celebration of the different religious and cultural backgrounds represented in our school.

History of Central Model Senior School

Central Model Schools were established in 1859.

At this time boys and girls were educated separately. Student teachers learned how to become teachers here. Able pupils were encouraged to stay at national school as monitors and train under an experienced or ‘model’ teacher.  


Following the foundation of the Free State in 1922 the Model Schools’ role in the training of teachers concluded.


In 1981 the Central Model Boys’ and Girls’ schools amalgamated and became Central Model Senior and  Central Model Infants’ Schools. Unfortunately the schools were destroyed by fire on St. Patrick’s weekend in 1982. For a number of years the schools were accommodated in pre-fabs . On 27th March 1995 our beautiful restored building was officially opened.


The records of the school show some pupils who became famous in later life: George Bernard Shaw; John Devoy, the famous Fenian; John Millington Synge, playwright; Paula Meehan, poet and Harry Clarke, stained glass artist. We have seen many changes in Central Model Senior School over the years and we are very proud of our long history teaching the children of Dublin 1.

Visual Thinking Strategies


Central Model Senior School has paired with The Lab Gallery to engage with children with Visual Thinking Strategies, or VTS. VTS is a method of looking and discussing art in a way that encourages art appreciation,  language and listening skills and higher level thinking skills.  The children have really enjoyed this experience and have benefited greatly. 

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