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Jingle All the Way Through Term 1

Congratulations to all our fantastic students on a joyous and successful first term! Your enthusiasm, hard work, and creativity have made it an extraordinary journey. We're immensely proud of your achievements and can't wait to embark on another fantastic term together. Here's to more learning, laughter, and success in the exciting chapters ahead!


Well done to all of our Boxers who did an amazing job representing our school at the recent showcase!


Exercising Outdoors

Sixth-class students have embraced the benefits of stretching as part of their holistic well-being journey. These enthusiastic students have discovered the transformative power of movement and physical fitness. 


Congratulations to Sam, Adam, Sophie, and Michelle for their outstanding success in the NEIC maths competition—your dedication and mathematical prowess truly shine!

6th class took a guided tour of the Andy Warhol 'Three Times Out' exhibition at the Hugh Lane Gallery. They had a great time exploring over 250 art pieces and we even tried doing some Andy Warhol inspired art of our own in class!


Heading 2

The Big Scream

With the last day before the Halloween break upon us, we saw some amazing costumes in 6th class this year, with werewolves, ninjas and witches all present today.A day full of fun and games, we also saw an intense Chess competition which featured a classic match between a vampire and a scary clown!


The Big Scream

Thank you to Dublin Fire Brigade, An Garda Síochána and the many others who visited this October to celebrate the Big Scream and reminding us about how to stay safe this Halloween


Making Playdough

Today we experimented by making our own playdough in school. Using flour, water, salt and food colouring, we made a sticky, slimy playdough and made monsters! Great fun had all around.

Malahide Castle

Our annual trip to Malahide Castle has returned with a bang! With beautiful weather, we spent the day doing scavenger hunts, playing in the playground and reconnecting with nature. What a way to start the year!

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