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Story time with Ms. Kildee

Updated: Jun 24, 2020


The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson

I'll be sharing a few of my favourite picture books over these last few days of school. If you think you're too old to listen to a picture book...YOU'RE NEVER TOO OLD TO ENJOY A PICTURE BOOK!!! Hope you enjoy it.

The Snail and the Whale:


Mog and the Baby by Judith Kerr

Here's a story about a misunderstood cat! It's part of a series of books about Mog the cat and they're all really enjoyable. Check them out if you're in the library soon.

Mog and the Baby:


Be Who You Are by Todd Parr

Well...we've reached the end of the school year! I hope you all have a fantastic summer and I can't wait to see you all at the end of August when we return to school.

Thank you so much for watching Story Time. I have really enjoyed making these little videos and it helped me feel better and connected with school during the school closure. The final book I've chosen is one of my favourites because it reminds me of what's really important--to be myself and to love myself! I hope you can always feel that way, but if you need a reminder this book is just what you need.

Be Who You Are:


BFG by Roald Dahl


I'm so delighted that so many children voted in this survey! It was close...but there was one book that came out on top. Enjoy!


We're off to an exciting start in this story. We've met our main character, a girl called Sophie. The story started with a frightening encounter between Sophie and a human who is as tall as a building. Find out what happens next!

Here's Part 2:


Did the giant eat Sophie? Let's find out.

Here's Part 3:


Sophie has learned that the BFG doesn't want to eat her up...but what are the rest of the giants in Giant Country like?

Here's Part 4:


Are you ready for the next chapter of the BFG? I chose a very special place to record today's chapter.

Here's Part 5:


The BFG has a wonderful way of talking! It's something he feels is embarrassing, but Sophie really likes it. Some of his words are silly, but the way he uses them lets us understand exactly what he means!

Here's Part 6:


Sophie has a close call with one of the other giants, and he's even more terrible than the BFG had warned!

Here's Part 7:


This chapter was full of tongue twisters! I made a few mistakes, but I'm sure you'll understand!

Here's Part 8:


Sophie and the BFG are headed somewhere, but first the other giants decided to play a game with them.

Here's Part 9:


In this chapter we get to see how the BFG catches dreams. He finds two very different dreams while he and Sophie are in Dream Country. What's the best dream you've ever had? What about the worst nightmare?

Here's Part 10:


In this chapter the BFG plays a trick on Fleshlumpeater, the nastiest giant in Giant Country.

Here's Part 11:


Find out more about dreams in this chapter.

Here's Part 12:


Sophie gets to look up close at some dreams in this chapter! There are some strange ones!

Here's part 13:


Here's MORE dreams from the BFG's collection!

Here's Part 14:


I'm late posting today's story...technical difficulties!!!

Here's Part 15:


The BFG is mixing up the dream Sophie has planned for the Queen of England!

Here's Part 16:


In this chapter the BFG and Sophie travel from Giant Country to England...and see something horrible along the way.

Here's part 17:


In this chapter the BFG and Sophie reach the home of the Queen of England, Buckingham Palace.

Here's what it looks like:

With so many windows, will they be able to find the Queen's bedroom?

Here's Part 18:


Well, the BFG and Sophie found the Queen of England's bedroom window...but what will happen next?!

Here's Part 19:


How will the Queen react to meeting the BFG?!? Let's find out!

Here's Part 20:


What is a royal breakfast like? Find out in this chapter!!

Here's Part 21:


How many fried eggs can a giant eat for breakfast? Do giants like coffee? Do giants have good table manners? Find out this and more in the next chapter.

Here's Part 22:


The BFG's interesting way of talking really got the best of me in this chapter! It's not always easy to read the words he says! But let's find out about the plan he has come up with to rid the world of giants that eat human beans.

Here's Part 23:


Are you ready to hear about how the giants were captured?!?!? Make yourself comfortable, this chapter is a little bit longer than usual...and very exciting!

Here's Part 24:


Well, we're nearly at the end of this story. Today I'm reading the penultimate chapter. Penultimate means the second to the last. So tomorrow will be our last chapter of this novel. We you wondering what the Queen and the BFG planned to do with the giants after they were captured? Take a minute before you listen to today's chapter to think about it...what ideas do you have? Then listen and find out what exactly they're going to do with the nine beastly giants.

Here's Part 25:


All good things must come to an end, and today this book will come to an end. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Here's Part 26: The End

NOTE: We still have a few more days of school, so tune in next week for an

Extra Special Edition of Story Time with Ms. Kildee!




We start a new book today! I hope you enjoy's one of my favourites.

Here's Chapter 1:


What do you think of Charlotte's Web so far? What characters have we met? What is the setting of the story?

Here's Chapter 2:


Are you enjoying the book so far? I hope so. This chapter begins with a wonderful description of the Zuckerman's barn. A fun activity would be for you to draw the barn based on this description-when you listened to the story, how did you picture the barn in your head? Another choice would be to try writing a description of your own home-the look, the smell, the sounds.

Here's Chapter 3:


In this chapter Wilbur is feeling lonely and disappointed because all the plans he made to do fun things have to be cancelled, and he must stay inside. I think we can all relate to that!! However, there‘s an exciting turn of events at the end of Chapter 4!

Here’s Chapter 4:


Wilbur has a new friend...and she’s not what he expected! He’s excited to meet her...but some of her ways are so different from his own that he finds it frightening. The author, E.B. White, explains it this way:

“Wilbur was merely suffering the doubts and fears that often go with finding a new friend.”

Have you ever felt that way when you met a new friend?

Here’s Chapter 5:


Welcome back! Are you ready for Chapter 6 of Charlotte's Web? Summer has arrived at the Zuckerman farm and there has been an exciting new arrival to the barn!

Here's Chapter 6:

Visit this website to hear the different bird calls from birds we have living here in Ireland! You could try to copy their sounds with your own voice, or you could sketch these lovely birds. I'd love to see any sketches you do, or a recording of your bird calls. Send them to me at


Today we have Chapters 7 and 8, since they're both short chapters. Wilbur gets some shocking news and Fern has her mother very worried about her!

Here are Chapters 7 and 8: YOU think animals can talk? I'd love to see some animal drawings with speech bubbles showing what animals would be saying if we could understand them.

This cartoon reminded me of how much the seagulls love our school lunches!


Chapter 9 is here...and Wilbur tries something new. It doesn't quite go as planned, though. Has that ever happened to you?

Here's Chapter 9:

Now things are getting interesting because we're really learning about spiders. Some people feel afraid of spiders but I happen to love them. They're very interesting creatures!

After listening to Chapter 9, can you name the parts of a spider's leg? If you can, write it down, or make a diagram (a picture with each of the parts labelled) and send it to me.

There is a lot of information about spiders on the internet and this would be a wonderful topic for a project. A good project usually has these parts to it:

  • 5-8 interesting facts

  • A drawing

  • A map or a diagram

Working from home is a great opportunity to research and complete a project. You can use regular paper to design the project, poster board if you have that at home, or, if you're really into technology, you could make a project using Powerpoint.

Here's one useful website to get you started:

Want to see the biggest spider you could ever imagine?

Send your completed Spider Projects to me via email! I can't wait to see what you come up with!


Chapter 10 has a very exciting title--An Explosion! Let's think about making predictions today. What might this title mean? What might happen?

Here's Chapter 10:

Charlotte has an idea to save Wilbur, and she's starting to put it into action. Can you make a prediction about what the plan might be?


We are finally able to see Charlotte's plan to save Wilbur's life in action...and it certainly does the trick!

Here's Chapter 11:

If you'd like to try to make your own web, here's a easy craft activity you might try.

You will need these items:

A paper plate, scissors, string, tin foil, sellotape, a marker or pen.

Here's a video to show you how to make your own web:


Charlotte is continuing her plan to save Wilbur's life in Chapter 12, and Templeton the rat is again playing an important role. What do you think of Templeton? How would you describe his character?

Here's Chapter 12:


We're on Chapter 13 of Charlotte's Web and Charlotte is looking for new words to describe Wilbur! What words would you use to describe his best traits? Could you make a list of words that you think would look great in Charlotte's web?

Here's Chapter 13:


In Chapter 14 we hear about how Mrs. Arable is concerned about Fern and the fact that she spends so much time with the animals on Zuckerman's farm. She says that it doesn't seem "natural for a little girl to be so interested in animals." Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not?

Here's Chapter 14:


Chapter 15 begins with a description of the sound crickets make at the end of summer. The author, E.B. White, says that when the crickets are making these sounds they're sending a message to all the world that summer is ending. Have you ever heard the sound of crickets? Listen to some crickets here:

Charlotte shares some interesting news about her future in this chapter, too.

Here's Chapter 15:


In Chapter 16 all of the humans and all of the animals are getting ready to go to the County Fair. Living in the city, many of us might not know what a County Fair is like. From this chapter we can start to make a picture in our minds of what might be there. We learn that there will be prizes given to the best animals, that Fern wants to ride the Ferris Wheel, and that Templeton will be delighted with all the food he'll find there! Do you think you'd like to go to a County Fair?

Here's Chapter 16:


Wilbur and the family have made it to the fair! And they've met Wilbur's competition, and he's very, very different from Wilbur.

Here's Chapter 17:

I'd love to see a picture of what you think Uncle looks like. Is he as beautiful as Wilbur?!?!


Charlotte is making something very special...what could it be?

Here's Chapter 18:

At the end of the day Fern says this, "I had the best time I have every had anywhere or any time in all of my whole life."

What's the best day you've ever had? Could you write about it?


What story should we read next?

I want your opinion!

We are fast approaching the end of Charlotte's Web, and I'd like your help choosing the book we'll read next. I've narrowed it down to three, wonderful choices:

BFG by Roald Dahl This is one of Roald Dahl's most well known books, and for good reason. It's a clever and exciting story of a little girl called Sophie and her unlikely friendship with a giant.

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle This is the story of three children who travel through space and time to rescue a father. If you like science fiction and fantasy stories then this is for you!

The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo This is an adventure story of a tiny mouse who seeks to save the life of a princess. If you like adventure stories and stories about animals, you'll love this book!

You can vote for the one you would like to hear next by taking this quick survey here:


Charlotte has made her Magnum you know what it is? The clue is in the title of this chapter.

Here's Chapter 19:


We're getting very near the end of this story, and that makes me happy...and also a bit sad! Do you ever feel sad at the end of a good book? It can be sad to let things go when they've finished, but that is often what makes life beautiful. Keep that in mind as we come to the conclusion of this lovely story.

Here's Chapter 20:


Well, we've made it to the second to last chapter of Charlotte's Web.

It gets me every time.

Here's Chapter 21:


The final chapter! I hope you enjoyed this story about friendship.

Tune in tomorrow and we'll begin a new story! Don't forget to vote for the book you'd like to hear next at the survey. Today is the last day to vote!



Hi children,

Every day Ms. Kildee will be reading from the story Esio Trot by Roald Dahl. To listen just click on the links below:

Here's part 1


I hope you're enjoying the story!

Here's Part 2:

If you'd like to share some of your own backward writing, or a picture you've drawn from the story, you can take a photo and email it to


Here's the third part of the story!

Mrs. Hoppy certainly loves her pet, Alfie. I'd love to see your stories or pictures about your pets, a pet you'd like to have, a pet that you think would be interesting or even what you think would be the WORST pet, email them to me at


Here's Part 4:

When Roald Dahl wrote his stories, he worked at his home-just like we're working from home! You can check out the shed where he wrote many of his books here:

I wrote an acrostic poem about Alfie, the tortoise:

A titchy tortoise who was

Loved by Mrs. Silver

Found himself lifted from his cosy home

Into a sea of other brown tortoises in Mr. Hoppy's flat!

"Everyone here looks just like me," he thought!

Write an acrostic poem about Alfie, Mr. Hoppy or Mrs. Silver and send it to


Here's Part 5:

We finished our story! I'd love to hear what you thought of this book.

Send your Esio Trot book cover designs to

Coming up next week: a new story! Tune in Monday...


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