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4th Class- Ms O Callaghan

MATHS FOR FUN: We have been working very hard in Maths for Fun in 4th Class. Parents have been volunteering on Friday afternoons to help us with our maths games. We have been playing Tables Bingo, shape constructions, Money Bingo, and so much more. Thanks to Ms Connolly and all the parents and guardians that have gotten involved.

MIND YOUR MIND WEEK: We have been thinking about how we look after our mental health in 4th Class. We made Jigsaws of Perspective- when we think about all the great things in our lives, our problems and worries seem really tiny in comparison! We made lovely posters for the week and thought of ways to look after our minds.

PLANTING SEEDS: We planted rocket seeds in 4th Class. We investigated what plants need to grow, we made sure the seeds had water, oxygen, bedding and light. We will post more pictures when they begin to grow.

Here is Ruth, our Reader in Residence from Dublin City Libraries with Ms O'Callaghan's 4th Class. We read graphic novels and really enjoyed them.

4th Class- Mr Dolan.

Welcome to our class.
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