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Things are blowing up in Science!

We made our own Volcanos using baking soda and vinegar. A very messy experiment!

We are getting creative for Christmas!

3rd Class are really enjoying the weekly basketball workshops!

Their skills are really improving after just three workshops.  They've been practicing dribbling, shooting and keeping control of the ball. 

We've also been talking about the idea of "Healthy Body, Happy Mind."  By keeping our body healthy we can feel happier and less stressed.  Basketball is a great exercise to keep us healthy, and it's fun, too.

Congratulations to Ms. Kildee's Class Pupils of the Week, Kindness Award Recipient and Super Green Human Being!!

3rd Class have been busy!

We were visited by a fascinating lizard known as 'Shadow', we are doing all sorts of art and we love having Golden Time on a Friday! 

Pupils of the Week, Super Green Human Being

and Kindness Award

Misheel received the class Kindness Award this week.  Thanks for your kindness and patience, Misheel!

Congratulations to Hong Yi, who is one of our Pupils of the Week.

Well done, Hong Yi!

Congratulations to Macy, who is one of our Pupils of the Week.

Keep up the good work, Macy!

Congratulations to Poppy who is our Super Green Human Being this week. 


Thank you for looking after our environment, Poppy!

Journey to Ancient Egypt

3rd class has been learning about Ancient Egyptian history and culture.  We made these Egyptian collars just like the Pharoahs had! 


If only ours were made of real gold!

Science: Exploring Forces

Ms. Kildee's class designed and carried out an experiment to test how two ramps placed at different heights would affect how far a toy car would travel.  We kept all our variables the same except the height of the ramps.  We also used our measuring skills to record how far the car went each time. The class did the test 5 times to be sure the results were consistent.  Our results were that the ramp that was placed lower made the car travel further--every time!   

Pupils of the Week, Super Green Human Being

and Kindness Award

Congratulations to




who are the Pupils of the Week in Ms. Kildee's class!  

Congratulations to Momina who is our Super Green Human Being this week.

Congratulations to Lacey for receiving the Kindness Award this week!

We've been 'Thinking about things' since we've been back at school!

Our Plant Experiment

We are conducting an experiment to test the needs of a plant.  We have planted bean seeds into several pots.  One pot gets sunlight and water, one gets only water, one only gets sunlight and one gets neither sunlight or water.  Finally one plant gets sunlight, water and gets read a story everyday. We've named that lucky plant Margaret. 

What do you predict will happen to each plant? 

Stay tuned to find out!

Stone Age Pottery

We made pinch pots inspired by our lessons about Stone Age people.  After the pots were shaped we carved in designs on them that were inspired by Stone Age art.

Staying Safe in 3rd class

We're getting used to the new way of life in 3rd class.  The good thing is we're still having fun. 3rd Class are settling in nicely by practising good hand hygiene and adapting to the new classroom layout. 

Class Jigsaw

3rd Class understand the importance of making everyone feel special and included. We created this jigsaw to show our appreciation for one another. 

Spaghetti Bridge Building! 

GAA is back!!

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