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Letter to Parents 27th April 2020

Dear Parents,

We are beginning our fifth week of school closure (not including Easter holidays). During normal school time the teachers work from fortnightly plans. We are continuing with these plans and each year group has published a new set of Home Study plans on the website. Go to the 2019/20 tab and drop down to your child’s class and click on Home Study 3. As usual there is a range of subjects and interests for your child to select from. We hope that everyone completes some work every day, at their own pace and level. 

Our teachers will continue to check in with you by phone and email (the calls may come from an unknown/private number). We have received lots of emails from our students to our new email accounts. They are as follows:

Second class: cmss2nd@gmail.com

Third class: cmss3rd@gmail.com

Fourth class: cmss4th@gmail.com

Fifth class: 5thcmss@gmail.com

Sixth class: cmss6th@gmail.com

The standard of work sent in is excellent! Please remember to put your child’s name and class teacher in the subject heading. All emails must come from a parent’s email and not a child’s own email address.

Fifth and third classes are also using Seesaw to communicate with their teachers. Seesaw is a secure online platform which effectively enables teachers to set tasks, give instructions and provide feedback. We hope to extend Seesaw to the other classes over the next fortnight. 

We acknowledge the difficulties that some of you are having with the schoolwork. Some parents mentioned problems with wifi or that older brothers and sisters need the tablets and laptops for their schoolwork. Please don’t worry about this. If possible, help your child to compile a folder of work to show to his/her teacher when we return to school. 

Ms Keating has introduced the Lego challenge, Ms Gerrard has links to Maths challenges, Ms Brady posts her general knowledge Kahoot quizzes, Ms O ‘Callaghan has her drawing tutorials, Ms Gillespie has stories and rhymes ‘as Gaeilge’ and Ms Kildee is continuing to read Charlotte’s Web every day.  We recommend you watch RTE School Hub at 11:00 every day. There is more information on this on our website or you can check out https://www.rte.ie/learn/

We wish to thank all you parents and families who are continuing to observe social distancing while also helping your children to learn from home.  We thank all of you health care workers, carers and retail assistants working in challenging conditions. We especially want to thank the children of Central Model Senior School who are doing their schoolwork, helping at home, missing their friends and observing the rules to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

We miss you all!

Deirdre Gartland and the staff of Central Model Senior School

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