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Letter to Parents - 13.5.20

Dear Parents,

It is exactly two months since all schools closed. We hope you are all well and are enjoying the bright weather. We are delighted that so many of you adapted quickly to the new ways of learning. All classes from 2nd to 5th are using Seesaw and 6th class children are continuing to upload excellent work onto the cmss6th@gmail.com email.

Home Study 4 plans are on the class pages of the website and teachers are regularly in touch with their students through Seesaw, suggesting topics and work to upload. Many of us teachers are trying to help our own children to learn at home and we realise how challenging it is! If you have a particular problem or would like to discuss an issue with your class teacher, you can contact him/her by Seesaw or email. Alternatively, you may text 0873733345, giving your child’s name and a teacher will get back to you as soon as possible. 

We wish to congratulate Ms Crosson and our wonderful Green School Committee for all their hard work raising awareness around sustainable travel. Last week we received the great news that we were awarded our 4th Green Flag. Well done to all involved!

At this time, we are thinking of the group of children in 2nd class who were preparing for their First Holy Communion. Unfortunately, it will not go ahead on 23rd May as originally planned. We look forward to a time, in the near future, when we can celebrate it.

From next week teachers will have access to the school and we hope to distribute books on Wednesday 20th May. If you would like to collect your child’s books, please text 0873733345 giving your child’s name and teacher (or contact the teacher via Seesaw). We will be in touch early next week with a time for collection. We will be following HSE guidelines regarding social distancing.

We understand how difficult it may be to motivate your child to do some schoolwork every day. Remember learning happens in many different ways – perhaps this is the time your child learns to cycle a bike, bake a cake or run a mile. You are in charge of your child’s learning but we are here to help – just ask! 

Warm regards,

Deirdre Gartland and the staff of Central Model Senior School

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