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LEGO Challenge

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Our LEGO challenge is something new for you to try at home.

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Ms. Keating will post a challenge for you to construct something using LEGO, other building blocks or any other materials that you are allowed to use at home.

We would love to put photos of your constructions on our website for your friends to see your amazing creations.

You can send your photos to our new email address that is especially for this activity:

We would also love some videos of you explaining how you designed and created your constructions.

Have fun!

Final Challenge

Design and build a trophy that you would award for the best Lego construction!

Challenge 25

Holiday Destination

Construct your dream holiday destination.

Challenge 24

Design and build a garden filled with flowers and trees.

Challenge 23

Design and build an ice-cream van.

Challenge 22

Make a construction of your favourite animal and its home.

Challenge 21

Design and build a birdhouse.

Challenge 20

Design and buid a boat that can float.

Challenge 19

Design and build a lighthouse.

Challenge 18

Design and build your dream bedroom.

Challenge 17

Design and build the type of cake you would like to have for your next birthday.

Challenge 16

Build two towers with a bridge connecting them.

Place the towers as far apart as you can, so that the bridge is as long as possible.

Test your bridge to see how strong it is, is is strong enough to hold a pencil or a lego character? How many can it hold?

Challenge 15

Build a time machine for travelling forwards or backwards in time.

Challenge 14

Build a maze for a marble or a Lego character.

Challenge 13

Build your favourite thing to play on when you visit the playground.

Challenge 12

Make a display of your name by constructing the letters using Lego pieces.

Challenge 11

Race Car Challenge

Build at least two cars, each one must be built using the same number of pieces, but they must be different shapes when finished.

Then race your cars and see which shape goes faster.

Can you make any adjustments to the slower car to improve its performance?

Challenge 10

Construct a building that has a symmetrical shape and colour pattern.

Challenge 9

100 Piece Challenge: Randomly pick 100 pieces of Lego and see what you can build with only those pieces.

Challenge 8

Build a miniature game of bowling/skittles. Try it out with someone at home and see who will get the first strike.

Challenge 7

Design and build a robot.

Challenge 6

Design and build transport for travelling under water.

Challenge 5

Design and build a type of transport that can fly.

Challenge 4

This week's theme is transport. Today's challenge is to construct a type of public transport.

Challenge 3

Challenge 3 is to construct a musical instrument.

Challenge 2

Did you watch Ms. Kildee reading Esio Trot? (It's still available on her Story Time if you haven't seen it yet.)

Your next challenge is to construct a model of the building where Mr. Hoppy and Mrs. Silver live.

Challenge 1

NASA needs you to design and build a new rocket.


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