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Back to School August 26th 2020

Back to School!

Wednesday 26th August 2020

Dear Parents,

We are all set! We have been working so hard to get everything ready for our students. The school has been scrubbed, furniture has been moved out, classrooms have been rearranged and hand sanitiser, soap and paper towels stocked up. The teachers are ready to welcome their pupils. We would like to thank Ms Crosson and our wonderful Green School Committee who lobbied Dublin City Council to improve the access to our school for those who walk or cycle to school. Car drivers can be in no doubt that Deverell Place is a school zone!

For further information on our preparations please see our Covid Response Plan and the Summary for Parents in the ‘Return to School’ tab.

Some things to note:

Ø If your child has visited a country that is not on the Green List, he/she should remain at home for 14 days following the trip. (This also applies to those families who travelled through Belfast airport). Please email info@centralmodelseniorschool.ie to let us know.

Ø As I mentioned in my previous letter (18/08/20) there will be staggered arrival and dispersal times for each year group.

6th Class: 8:50am-2:30pm

5th Class: 9:00am-2:25pm

4th Class: 9:10am-2:20pm

3rd Class: 9:15am-2:15pm

2nd Class: 9:25am-2:10pm.

Ø Parents are not allowed on school grounds. Please email the school (info@centralmodelseniorschool.ie) or text 0873733345 if you have any concerns or if you would like to speak to your child’s teacher. The teacher will phone back after school. (Do not leave a voice message on this number as it will not be accessed).

Ø It is important that physical distancing is maintained on Deverell Place. Parents should drop their children and move quickly on. A member of staff will bring your child to his/her class on the first day. If you are driving, do not delay at the drop off or collection time. If you have more than one child collect them at the time allocated to the younger child. Waiting on Deverell Place is not permitted. Again, email or text to let us know that your older child will be collected early so he/she can be at the gate on time.

Ø All children should have their own equipment (in a pencil case) - pencils, colouring pencils/Twistables, rubbers, parer, pritt stick etc. -for personal use in school. Where possible they should be labelled.

Ø Lunch will be provided for all students. Children should bring a bottle of water (no sweet drinks/juice) and may bring a sandwich or a piece of fruit. Crisps/ popcorn/sweet treats etc. are not permitted.

Contact Details of Parents/Guardians:

Ø Parents/guardians should ensure that their contact details are up to date and the school has been notified of any changes to address/phone numbers.

Do not send your child to school if:

Ø Your child has been in contact with a known case of Covid-19.

Ø Your child has any symptoms of Covid-19. If they have a temperature, a cough of any kind, loss of taste/smell or have shortness of breath, they should not, under any circumstances come to school.


Many children (and their parents) will feel anxious about the return to school. The emphasis of our planning will be on wellbeing, literacy and numeracy.

We want the children to feel safe, feel calm, feel they belong, feel they can manage and feel hopeful.

We have to ‘slow down to catch up’.

The following is from the Department of Education and Skills document, Supporting the Wellbeing of the School Community: Returning to School after Covid-19 School Closure

‘A sense of urgency about returning to the curriculum is natural but time spent on settling the students and getting the students ready for learning will yield positive outcomes in the longer term and will likely reduce stress. So it is important that teachers and school staff do not rush into a focus on formal teaching and learning before first considering readiness, and focusing on wellbeing.’

As you can see, things will be a little different. But the important things will remain the same- our priority is the welfare of your children. We want them to be safe while they learn and to continue to thrive under our care.

Yours sincerely,

Deirdre Gartland

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