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A Letter to Parents and Children

Fri 3rd April 2020

Dear Parents and Children,

Best wishes to you all. I hope you are healthy and keeping safe. How busy you all have been! We have been in touch with a number of you by telephone. The teachers were delighted to get a chance to chat to you and hear about all the wonderful things that are going on in your homes - baking, board games, drawing, family movie time etc. Parents, thank you for helping with the work that has been assigned by the class teachers. We were delighted to receive your emails on cmsscreative@gmail.com. You have settled into great routines at these extraordinary times and we are full of admiration for you.

Parents, do not worry about any progress your child has/has not made. The current closure is unprecedented. It affects every child in the country. The children will catch up on their return to school, whenever that may be. If your child has a particular difficulty with something, e.g. a mathematical concept, take a note of it and bring it to the teacher’s attention on our return to school. Your child’s teacher will use that as a starting point for learning.

Glanmore, our school lunch provider, will post a weekly package of non- perishable food to any family who wants it. The food package consists of pasta, pasta sauce, beans, spaghetti hoops, soup and bundys. If you are interested please text or WhatsApp 0873733345 with your child’s name, class teacher and address today, 1stApril. (By texting you are automatically giving permission for Glanmore to use the information, for this purpose only, and you may opt out by text).

As we head into what should be our Easter holidays, I hope you and your children enjoy a change in your routine and schoolwork. Ms Kildees’s daily story time and Ms Brady’s quizzes will resume on Monday 20thApril. (All previous stories and quizzes are still accessible on the website). The teachers are in constant communication and over the Easter break we will be working on new ways to improve our support and communication with you.

We wish you a happy and healthy Easter.

Kind regards,

Deirdre Gartland

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